The Largest Manufacturer of Vibro Finishing Machines Expertise of more than 25 years.

About Us

S. M. Systems Pvt. Ltd.


S.M. Systems Pvt. Ltd. is primarily engaged in providing end to end mass finishing solutions. This includes development of vibratory, centrifugal and other mass finishing machines and research into various finishing processes.

Our primary objective is to make available the latest and the best techniques in mass finishing, to the manufacturing industry.

For over 25 years, S.M. Systems has added value to the customers’ production processes and developed an enviable reputation of being the best in the field. The company is backed by a well qualified, young and dynamic professional team, who constantly strive to innovate and give the most optimum solutions to our customers.

We have successfully installed more than 3000 finishing systems across the country in every facet of the manufacturing industry. We have a knowledge bank of finishing more than 5000 different components with various finishing requirements. The quality of our products is benchmarked against the best in the world. Research and development is at the core of our company, backed by a fully equipped testing laboratory and a team of skilled designers and engineers striving to make every machine and process as efficient as possible.