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Vibratory Finishing Machines

Vibratory Finishing Machines

Working Principle of Vibratory Finishing Machines

Vibratory finishing process involves rubbing of parts to be finished with suitable media in presence of finishing compound for pre-determined time.

Our vibratory finishing machines have a polyurethane lined bowl that holds parts, media, water & finishing compound. The special vibratory motor mounted in the machine generates intense spiral motion of parts & media in the bowl. The relative motion between parts & media results in deburring, descaling, polishing etc.

VIBRO-FIN vibratory finishing machine is available is wide range of capacities from 25 lits to 2500 lits.

SM Series Vibrofin

These machines are used when inbuilt separation is not required or it is not possible due to near size of the parts and media.

In these machines at the end of the process time parts are picked up manually from the bowl.

It is generally preferred when strong vibration intensity is required and for medium to big size parts or for heavy parts.

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SMA Series Vibrofin

In these machines there is in-built part-media separation arrangement.

At the end of the process cycle flapper is lowered in the bowl manually & part media mixture is carried over to the separation screen. The media will fall back in the bowl & the parts come out of the machine.

80 % to 100 % separation can be achieved depending on various parameters. This type of machines should be opted when part media separation is feasible by screening method.

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SPA / SQS Series Vibrofin

These machines are used when 100 % part-media separation is required.

The basic change in these machines is the spiral path inside the bowl. The part media mixture moves in spiral path from minimum to maximum level. During separation cycle flapper is inserted at the maximum level & mixture is transferred to separation screen. The spiral geometry ensures that 100 % mixture is carried to screen & hence 100 % separation.

The movement of flapper is outside media zone & it is rectangular in shape which makes it ideal for fully automatic separation using pneumatic actuation ( this can not be ensured in SMA series machines).

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BB Series Vibrofin

These machines are used for Steel Ball Burnishing Process.

The steel media has 5-6 times more density than that of ceramic media. Hence these heavy duty machines are specially designed to generate effective tumbling motion even with steel media.

In Ball Burnishing process, steel media is used as a burnishing medium.

BBA and BB SQS series machines available for inbuilt part-media separation facility.

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Tub Vibrofin

Trough vibrators have rectangular tub, in conventional round vibrator longer components can not be processed conveniently.

For processing longer parts trough vibrator is an ideal solution.

or special application where part to part impingement is to be totally avoided we can provide compartments in rectangular tub.

Size As Per Customer Requirement

At S.M. Systems we work with our customers right from conceptualisation till sucessful implementation of the system. We try to provide the latest & best mass finishing solution to suit shop floor condition.